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Folding Walking Sticks

Folding Walking Sticks are practical and easy to use. Made of aluminum, the Folding Walking Sticks only weigh 13.5 ounces. They come in a variety of color designs. Folding Walking Sticks have become a practicality when it comes to durability and storage. These types of Folding Walking Sticks are made of aluminum, are light weight, and fold into 4 sections. You can't fold a wooden cane! As far as storage is concerned, they are convenient for travel, shopping and every day use. When you are traveling in an airplane, you can simply fold your walking stick and stow it with your carry-on luggage, out of the way, and not take up any space as a conventional cane might do. In comparison to wooden walking sticks, the aluminum sticks are more resistant to dents and scuff marks, they are of a more durable material.

Folding Walking Stick Features:
•Fold into 4 sections.
•Portable and easy to use.
•Available in a wide variety of designs.
•Come in a water-resistant bag for portability.
•Weight: 13.5 oz.

In addition to these wonderful Folding Walking Sticks, they have character. They have a beautiful color design that represents a fun and active personality. There are color variations to these folding walking sticks: Bubbles, Circles, Hot Pink, Ocean, Poppies, Royal, and Storm. A perfect match for an active lifestyle. Also, you can have your folding walking stick engraved with your name, nickname or anything else that would describe you or your personality. So browse our selection today and see what folding walking stick fits your personality.
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