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A brief History: The Rollator was invented in 1978 by a Swedish polio sufferer, Aina Wifalk. Since then, the Rollator (originally named a wheeled walker) has gained fame throughout the world, and is the most universal type of walker in European countries. The walker is designed to provide additional upper body support for those who have mobility issues The Rollator was conceived from this idea as it provides the same support but at a smoother and quicker pace, as well as added comfort. Rollators are equipped with handbrakes for your safety. And, for your convenience, a wire shopping basket or pouch is attached for stowing needed items. The Rollators we provide are lightweight and adjustable for height variances. They also fold for storage or transport. Though our inventory is small at this time, we still offer high quality, durable, and dependable Rollators. See what we have to offer at competitive prices.
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