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We offer a variety of lower leg, ankle,and foot support aids for those who, unfortunately, suffer from an injury or from a diagnosed condition such as arthritis or plantar faciitis. The products we have support the lower extremity with comfort and stability so as to have a quick and pain free, as much as possible, physical therapy experience. From the lower leg, to the ankle, to bottom of the foot, we offer a nice selection of splints and braces to choose from. Along with injury there's always pain; can't have one without the other. With that being said, an injury or ailment doesn't have to completely stop your day to day activities. Just might slow you down a bit. So, what we offer, are products that help ease the pain while you conduct your daily activities along with your physical therapy. Just don't overdo it! Consult your Doctor and or Therapist for advice and recommendations about your activity level. Our products are designed for support and stability without sacrificing comfort. When you're injured or have a medical condition of your lower extremity, being laid up is not an option. See what we have to offer to help you get up, get off the couch and get out of the house.
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