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If you are person who has just had hip surgery, it is highly recommended and extremely important that you begin physical therapy the first day after surgery. The objective of physical therapy is to prevent scaring of tissues that surround the surgical area which cause contractures of muscle. Your therapy will include walking which will incorporate the use of steps or stairs. To initiate this portion of therapy the use of a Walker would be of great assistance, as a Walker will support you while you begin your walking therapy. A Folding Walker is an excellent device to achieve the same results of therapy. Traditional Walkers are not made to fold, are bulky and take up a lot of space. A Folding Walker does just that, it folds. It folds so you can store it close to you but out of the way. You can fold it and place it in your vehicle when you get strong enough to go for drive. These Folding Walkers are just as durable and safe as a traditional Walker. You will feel more confident and rely on your Folding Walker to assist you with your hip or leg rehabilitation. So get out there with a Folding Walker and exercise that hip.

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Medline Industries Easy Care Folding Walker Aluminum Medline Industries Easy Care Folding Walker

Medline Industries Easy Care Folding Walker

The Medline Industries Easy Care Folding Walker an instrument of excellent technology. Not only because of strength and durability of the aluminum frame and steel crossbar, it adjusts to the height of your specific level of comfort and provides superior ease of folding. The two-button folding mechanism is developed in such a way for those who have trouble with dexterity of their hands or fingers. The Easy Care Folding Walker is perfect for post surgical therapy. You can depend on this therapeutic device for your rehabilitation needs.

  • Two-button folding allows independent operation of each side so walker fits through narrow spaces while maintaining rigidity
  • Easy-to-use folding mechanism is ergonomically designed for operation with palm, finger or arm
  • Lightweight, 1" aluminum tubing with dual steel cross bars supports up to 300 lbs. and weighs only 6 lbs.
  • Upper and lower spreader bars increase rigidity and make platform attachment easy to attach
  • Folds to 4" for ease of transport and storage
  • Solid brass detent buttons resist wear and breakage and support user's weight
  • Footpiece silencer provides quiet adjustment and rattle-free use
  • Without wheels

Our Price: $52.12
Rose Healthcare Aluminum Single Button Folding Walkers Rose Healthcare Aluminum Single Button Folding Walkers

Rose Healthcare Aluminum Single Button Folding Walkers

With a single push of a button our Aluminum Single Button Folding Walker is an easy way to stow and go. Perfect for travel! Just fold, place in vehicle, and you are off to enjoy your outing. Use this Rose Healthcare Aluminum Single Button Folding Walker with confidence knowing that this walking aid will help you not only to get out of the house to enjoy your day, but to accomplish your physical therapy and rehabilitation needs. Another attribute of this device is that it is adjustable. Again, the use of this device will increase your trust as you can adjust this device to your specific needs, to help you stand and sit so as not to over stress your upper extremities. Great for physical therapy, great device to help you get out of the house.

  • Lightweight 1" anodized aluminum frame
  • Single release folding mechanism allows quick and easy fold down
  • H-crossbar positioned high for over toilet use
  • Height adjusts from 31" – 36"

We offer our simple, well engineered Aluminum Single Button Folding Walkers as a great solution for those on the go even with limited motor capabilities.

Our Price: $65.84
ESSENTIAL Heavy Duty Walker Wide 500 lbs. limit ESSENTIAL Heavy Duty Walker

ESSENTIAL Heavy Duty Walker

If you are person of weight, and have a hip or lower leg injury, then this ESSENTIAL Heavy Duty Walker is made for you. The Heavy Duty Walker is strong and durable, made of aluminum, will allow you to begin and continue with your rehabilitation and physical therapy needs. Not only does it fold for your traveling convenience, you can adjust the height to meet your comfort level. So, begin your physical therapy as soon as possible after surgery with the aid of the ESSENTIAL Heavy Duty Walker. The sooner you rehabilitate the sooner your quality of mobility will become. So, get out there and rehabilitate!

  • A sturdy aluminum walker designed to assist those with mobility and stability needs.
  • Features a tab style double button opening and closing mechanism.
  • Legs capped with no-slip grips for walking security.
  • Foldable for easy storage.
  • Overall width 23"
  • Inside width 22.25".
  • Tubing size 1".
  • Weight limit 500 lbs.

Our Price: $73.92
Rose Healthcare Oversized Aluminum Folding Walker Wide Wt. limit max. 500 lbs. Rose Healthcare Oversized Aluminum Folding Walker

Rose Healthcare Oversized Aluminum Folding Walker

The Rose Healthcare Oversized Aluminum Folding Walker is designed and developed for the larger person in mind. While the design allows a wider and deeper girth, it provides strength so that you can confidently use this walker without worry of risk of collapse. The Oversized Aluminum Folding Walker is dependable not only for it's weight allowance but also for its dependability of folding as it will fold smoothly. Great for placing in a non-conspicuous place for quick access such as between your chair and side table. Feel confident with this well made, well designed, Rose Healthcare Oversized Aluminum Folding Walker.

  • Wider and deeper frame design accommodates individuals up to 500 lbs.
  • Vinyl contoured handgrip.
  • Precision design provides additional strength while adding minimal weight.

Our Price: $103.84