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Do you have or know somebody who has an injury to the lower leg, ankle or foot? You or they could be on crutches for weeks, maybe months. In doing so, the use of crutches can be horrific as they may cause muscle fatigue in your arms and hands, as well as irritation to the armpits if not used correctly. A sensational alternative would be the use of a knee walker. Using a knee walker allows more freedom of arms and hands as crutches limit your use of these extremities. The use of a knee walker also allows you to keep the injured area elevated and helps keep weight off the injured extremity while doing your daily outside activities. The use of crutches do not allow you to. And, if your uninjured leg becomes tired you can simply sit on the seat of the knee walker and rest a bit. I don't think you want to sit on a crutch! So, if you have a lower extremity injury, are active, and don't want to sit around the house with your leg elevated, then look into using a knee walker.

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